Worldcore - SCAM! Crypto-scam fraudster Pavel Krymov!
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криптовалюта отзывы вкладчиков

Reviews of investors about WRC cryptocurrency

Worldcore crypto currency pyramid reaps the fruits of his criminal activities. Failure to comply with the provisions of the roadmap, the concealment of the fact of non-cooperation with the scam of a banking partner and, of course, the arrest of the organizer Pavel Krymov – these and other failures of HYIP has led to the […]

фальшивый диплом

False Director of Worldcore has fake diploma

Fake diploma of fake university As previously revealed, Worldcore is project of Ukrainian swindler Pavel Krymov with actors instead of employees. The firm has no product, no prospects. The role of the talking head in it is played by Alexey Nasonov but he is absolutely a fake character. In addition, he has a fake diploma. […]

Выбор криптовалюты

Krymov’s choice of cryptocurrency has not justified itself. Worldcore is SCAM without prospects

A notorious fraudster Pavel Krymov more than 15 years has been creating financial pyramids. Forex Trend, Private FX, Questra World, Lianora Swiss and other fraud his handiwork. Basically, Pavel’s projects were involved in fraud with investments, trading, brokerage. The choice of Krymov’s cryptocurrency could first surprise investors. But in 2017 Ukrainian criminal turned the vector […]

криптовалюта подорожала

Short growth of WRC: cryptocurrency has risen to become cheaper

How Krymov’s cryptocurrency went up due to manipulation In fall of 2017 Worldcore pyramid showed the cryptocurrency community their WRC token. Being ignored by the major exchanges, the coin just did not meet the expectations of its HYIP founder Pavel Krymov. Periodically, the asset went up but it was the result of fraudulent schemes. Now […]

банковская криптовалюта

Banking cryptocurrency Worldcore is scam by Pavel Krymov

WRC is not a banking cryptocurrency but banal SCAM During ICO held in fall of 2017, Worldcore scam tried to convey to investors that WRC is banking cryptocurrency. A detailed analysis revealed that WRC is another garbage coin associated with international swindler Pavel Krymov. The main legend of Worldcore is that the project is an […]