Worldcore - SCAM! Crypto-scam fraudster Pavel Krymov!
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топ перспективных криптовалют

Top promising cryptocurrencies: there is no way for WRC

WRC and top promising cryptocurrencies are incompatible concepts The cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve. However, together with innovative projects come to the market such scammers as Pavel Krymov and Worldcore pyramid. Masquerading as a legitimate business office first stolen funds for ICO, and then threw their clients in pump WRC coins. All 2018 the rate […]

отслеживание криптовалют

Cryptocurrencies monitoring. Worldcore is SCAM!

In order to understand which assets are the best to invest, it is necessary to cryptocurrencies monitoring In other words, you need to know the behavior of the asset over the last year. The most unreliable cryptocurrency, which is still traded on the stock exchange, is WRC (Worldcore). On Bitcointalk forum you can find sometimes […]

новинки криптовалют

New releases of Pavel Krymov’s cryptocurrencies: representatives of Worldcore threaten media

New releases of Pavel Krymov’s cryptocurrencies have neither part nor lot in the roadmap Adequate new releases of Pavel Krymov’s cryptocurrencies do not exist. While other blockchain projects engaged in the development, Worldcore pyramid forgot their road map. Instead of launching services and products scam deals with blocking unwanted media. New releases of cryptocurrencies: from […]

понятие криптовалюты

The concept of cryptocurrency. WRC (Worldcore) is SCAM!

The concept of cryptocurrency. Relation of WRC to it When we talk about the crypt, implied first and foremost the practice of data encryption. Encoded information can not be faked. Can we say that cryptocurrency is electronic money? Not really, since the products of this type exist since the nineties-era of XX century and  have […]

Криптовалюта на телефоне

Cryptocurrency in the phone: do not use Worldcore app!

Cryptocurrency on phone from Worldcore is SCAM! Of course, cryptocurrency on the phone is very convenient. We are talking about different applications that enable the exchange of crypts or to transfer it between wallets. There are dozens of application under Android and iOS. Some of them have proven themselves on the market. Worldcore app is […]

оборот криптовалют

Cryptocurrency circulation of Pavel Krymov swindler is negligible

Cryptocurrency circulation of Pavel Krymov is not increased more than half a year Charts don’t lie — the performance of WRC token of Worldcore pyramid decrease with each passing month more and more. The falling circulation of Pavel Krymov’s cryptocurrency shows that the project is halfway to scam. Circulation of cryptocurrency: capitalization of WRC crashes […]