Worldcore is scam! Scammers hiding behind the name of Ernst & Young

Worldcore is scam. Ridiculous PR of fake audit Ernst & Young

Pavel Krymov hides behind the name of known auditor. But investors know better: Worldcore is scam.

On 15 May 2018 on one of your Web resources an article about Worldcore was published, once again exploiting the name of the famous auditor: Ernst & Young. False to the core material meant to distract readers from the fact that Worldcore is scam and draw investors a rosy picture, in which the company Worldcore (quote) “valued at 30 million dollars.” The text also provides information that software which, according to legend, is produced by firm, worth about 2 million USD.

In fact, Worldcore is the main and the only project, still bringing money to team of international fraudster Pavel Krymov.

Worldcore is scamMoreover, the authors of article insist: “Obtained figures during the audit is the result of the validation, which summarized the company’s property, estimated available resources and possible future prospects”.

Did Ernst & Young check Worldcore company?

It turns out that even on 2 October 2017, when EUPSProvider s.r.o. deduced the trademark Worldcore on initial coin offerings (ICO), it submitted certain figures to Ernst & Young. In response, the auditors sent a presentation with covering letter.

Worldcore is scam

We will turn our attention to its contents a bit later, but now give the answer: whether the presentation is audit, as they lie in Worldcore?

Worldcore is scamWe find the answer to this question in the cover letter.

Worldcore is scam

Here is the clear and precise reply:  We have not conducted an independent investigation or otherwise verified data provided by the customer..

Representative of Worldcore on Bitcointalk Forum did also make no secret: “It’s really not audit but business and software valuation based on provided financial and technical documentation. EY do not publish reports on evaluations of companies, because this is done for the customer to demonstrate this report to investors”.

Worldcore is scam

In other words: Worldcore scam provided made-up data to auditors, and those composed presentation for investors. Not suspecting that the fraudsters will use the good name of Ernst & Young at every step and show the presentation instead of the financial report for 2017.

We quote again lie of Worldcore: Obtained figures during the audit is the result of the validation..

What else was written in the letter accompanying the presentation Ernst & Young?

“We understand that client requests our services for internal decision-making process within the expected ICO.

Therefore, a summary of the evaluation of the Software in this presentation is for illustrative purposes only and should be read in conjunction with the expert opinion, its scope, conditions and limitations.

Please note that the financial statements of the Company provided to us were not verified, and we do not have access to the audited annual financial statements of the Company.

We did not consider capital requirements imposed on the Company and we fully relied on provided information by the Client on this issue and have not verified information.”

Worldcore is scam

As you can see, the speculators of Worldcore scam, collecting money at the end of 2017 under the guidance of international swindler Pavel Krymov, intentionally deceive their customers. And blatant false rhetoric of СЕО EUPSProvider s.r.o. Alexey Nasonov does not change throughout the company’s existence.

We have not yet received confirmations, whether the respected company allowed to post the audit in public access and thereby rely on the reputation of a well-known audit company.

It is obvious that the creator of scam is swindler Pavel Krymov. All information coming from the company is lies and manipulation of the facts. Worldcore is SCAM, the organizers of which will soon be in jail!

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